Grade 4

Young Engineering Minds® workshops are 2 hours and in-class. The hands-on workshops help children build problem-solving skills and encourage children to discover how things work.

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School packages are available for more than 6 workshops. Packages can be split among different grade levels.

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Pulleys and Gears 


Students will build a dragster and will learn about gears. They will also be investigating the relationship between speed and mass; momentum and kinetic energy.

Fishing Rod 

Students will be building a fishing rod and will experiment with ratchets and different pulley configurations. During this activity, students will investigate automatic mechanical control of motion and will learn about the block and tackle pulley system.

Light and Sound

Students examine various materials to investigate how they interact with light. They use five characteristics: translucency, transparency, opaqueness, reflective, and refractivity to describe how light interacts with objects. Students will also work with partners to create a musical instrument and investigate the frequency of the sounds it makes.

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