Grade 5

Young Engineering Minds® workshops are 2 hours and in-class. The hands-on workshops help children build problem-solving skills and encourage children to discover how things work.

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Forces Acting on Structures and Mechanisms 

Students will explore the engineering behind bridges. They will discover the factors that impact the strength of a structure and its ability to support a load, material, and construction techniques to add strength to structures. Students will also learn about different forces acting on bridges. Students will work in teams to design, construct, test, and modify their bridges.

Matter and Energy 

Polymer Engineering 

Working as chemical engineers students will formulate and synthesize a polymer creation. They will learn the physical properties of materials and their applications; properties of solids, liquids, and gases; physical and chemical changes.

Conservation of Energy and Resources


Students will design and build the most effective energy storage and release system for a windmill. Students will investigate the shape and size of the blades to effectively capture wind energy to run the windmill. They will also learn about balanced and unbalanced forces and how the structure stores and transfers energy.

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