Young Engineering Minds® workshops help children build problem-solving skills and encourage children to discover how things work.

Kindergarten Workshops are 90 mins and in-class. 


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Gears and Merry go Rounds

Students will build a device that could make their spinning tops spin faster and longer. They will focus on the core concepts of assembling components, gears, rotation, gearing up, designing mechanical toys, structures, and stability.

Wind Energy and Windmill 

Students will try out different ideas for the best wing design for their windmill e.g. big wide wings and small narrow wings. They will be modifying their designs to make the windmill more stable. Students will learn about assembling components, wind power, energy, area, rotation, and speeding up.

Cars and Incline planes

Students will build a launcher that can launch their car up the hill. Students will focus on the core concepts of assembling components, energy, friction, and inclined planes. They will also learn about the mechanisms of wheels and axles.

Strong Bridges 

Students will design, build and test a safe and strong bridge. They will discover the factors that impact the strength of a structure and its ability to support a load. They will focus on the core concepts of structures, stability, and measurement.

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